How To Play

Playing CoinController is simple. The basic concept is this:

  • There are multiple "coins" that are available for purchase. Each one starts out at a certian value (e.g, 0.001 BTC). When a coin is purchased and the transaction is confirmed, that buyer becomes the new "owner", or "controller"
  • By owning a coin, you get to choose an optional name, message and/or URL link of your choice, to be displayed publicly.
  • Each purchase causes the coin value to increase by a certian percentage (e.g, 15%).
  • When the coin is purchased at the increased rate by another player, you automatically get your entire purchase back, plus 1/2 of the percent increase (e.g, 7.5%). The rest is used for transaction fees, affiliate earnings, jackpots and paying the house.
  • On each successful purchase, you have a 1% - 25% chance of causing a coin reset. If a coin is reset, it returns to its default original value and you lose payment. The previous buyer still receives his full return.
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For example, if you were to buy out control of one of the coins for 1 BTC, at a 15% increase rate, you would receive 1.075 BTC back. With a 10% chance to reset the game, you have a 90% chance of winning.


To buy out control of a coin, wait until it no longer states that it is "locked", and click "Take Control of Coin Now!". A form will pop up where you can set an optional name, message and URL. You will also need to provide a valid return address. When ready, hit submit and you will receive a BTC, or DOGE deposit address (important: never re-use a deposit address from a previous buy). The payment must be seen on the network (seen, not confirmed) within 10 minutes or else it will expire.

Once the payment has reached one confirmation within the network, the purchase will be complete and you will either become the new owner of the coin, or you will trigger a game reset. If the game reset is triggered, you will not receive your payment back, however the previous buyer will still receive their return. Payments are sent immediately (no payment queue).

Coins can be in one of two states, "open" and "locked".

When a coin is locked, it means that another player is in the middle of a purchase. When a payment address is requested for an open coin, the coin is temporarily locked to their purchase. If the full payment is not seen by the system within 10 minutes, their purchase is cancelled, and any amount you have already sent will be refunded either immediately, or once it becomes confirmed. Please do not send any BTC/DOGE to the address provided if your purchase is expired (ie, coin unlocks).

When payment is seen by the system, it waits for up to one hour for the transaction to become confirmed. If the full payment owed is not received and confirmed within that hour, the purchase is cancelled, any confirmed BTC/DOGE is refunded immediately and unconfirmed BTC/DOGE is refunded once it becomes confirmed (if ever).

If no player purchases control of the coin from you within 48 Hours, and you were the first person in the chain (first buyer), you receive a full bet refund, minus a standard transaction fee (0.0001 BTC, 0.01 DOGE). If the chain has already started and you are the last one holding the coin after 48 hours, instead of simply losing your bet, the price of the coin (and your bet) are reduced by 20% every 12 hours after the 48, until either somebody else buys the coin, or the bet reaches its starting value.

If you did not directly trigger a reset of the game, you will only ever lose control of the coin when the next buyer plays, even if the coin has gone back down to its starting value.


For every successful purchase, a portion of the BTC/DOGE is added to the latest jackpot. In addition, you have a 0.1% chance of winning the full jackpot with the same purchase. Even if your purchase triggers a game reset, you still have a chance at the pot.

The bitcoin jackpot can only be won by playing bitcoin based coins, and dogecoin jackpot only by playing one of the dogecoins.

Provably Fair

CoinController is "provably fair". What this means is that the website cannot rig the game in its own favor, and we can prove it. In this case, that means that we cannot control the outcome of the random number that is generated, which decides wether or not a game reset is triggered, and who wins the current jackpot. Transactions to and from the website (purchases and payouts) are all publicly viewable and verifiable via the Blockchain.

When a game purchase is made, once their payment is confirmed, "the dice" are rolled to determine if they won the jackpot and if they reset the game. The process is as follows:

  • A "seed" is created by stringing together the following:
    • a "nonce" (the first 10 characters of your bitcoin transaction ID)
    • Todays daily server seed (Click here to view the seed list)
    • Your client seed (randomly generated for you when you first visit, can be changed by you at any time)
    • A colon (:)
    • The unix timestamp of time of purchase, as recorded in your bitcoin transaction.
    The final product looks like this:
  • This seed is then hashed using sha256, to produce a string that looks like this: 0afe2d394dba50ad3a79a21aa4a28e2dbccda73d1f89bbb9b39d1ca66473956c
  • The first 5 characters are taken from this hash, and converted to their decimal value. Resulting in a number like this: 45026
  • This number is then divided by 1000 to produce your lucky number: 45.026
  • If your lucky number is over 1000, it is recalculated by using another set of 5 characters from your hash, starting at the next letter (e.g: afe2d). This is repeated until a number below or equal to 1000 is found.
  • A "coin flip" occurs to determine if your bet target is high or low. This is determined by the time (unix timestamp) your transaction was included in the blockchain, a.k.a "blocktime". If the last number in the timestamp is even, the bet is high. If odd, the bet is low. e.g: 1385251556 ... 6 is even, so bet target is high.
  • The target number is decided based on the "coin" that you want to purchase/control. If you purchased the Gold Coin, with a 10% chance to reset, the target number would either be anything 100 and under, or anything 900 and above (depending on coin flip).
  • If your lucky number is within range of the target number, the game is reset. The same lucky number is used again to determine if you are the jackpot winner - 0.1% chance. However, an additional "coin flip" occurs (using the same blocktime, except it checks the second last number) to determine the target.

All bets are publicly verifiable. For your convienience, you may use the forms below rather than calculating the numbers yourself.

Bet Lookup

Validate Bet

Enter in a bet ID #, and your client seed that you used for your bet in the form below to automatically calculate your lucky number.

Click here to view seeds that you have used.